Web Care

Continuous improvement and data-driven recommendations to improve your site over time.

How is Web Care different?

A lot of developers offer “site maintenance”.

Especially for WordPress websites, this often extends as far as updating plugins and making sure automatic backups are running properly. This is very easy stuff.

Some might even post blogs or update content, if you tell them to. Heck, we started out doing the same thing!

However, over time, I came to understand that what most of my customers really wanted from me was NOT to keep their site up to date, but the help them understand how it was going, how their customers are engaging with it, and what could be done to make it better.

Web Care was born out of the need to have answers to these questions. There’s no point spending time & money on ads or SEO if nobody is engaging with your site when they get there. There’s little point in winning a new client if you had to sacrifice your margin or act against your values to do it. 

And so, for a year, we commit to helping you to understand what’s happening with your site and what steps we can take to improve your results and engagement with your ideal client base.

Plus we do all the other stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.